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Light bulbs or air purifiers? Both!

Imagine the light bulbs in your home purifying the air while they shine brightly!

We found some like that, found them to be affordable, and found that they WORK!

So, we wanted to share this revolutionary technology with people like you... people who breathe air, and buy light bulbs! That's a whole lot of people....

These bulbs are the real deal: The International Space Station uses this technology. NASA helped to develop it to clean and purify the air up there, so you know it HAD to work. Astronauts couldn't just step outside for a breath of fresh air. 

Then some very smart visionary people thought... wouldn't it be great to adapt this air purifying process for home use. And so Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. (PLT) was born.

It turns out that we were smart, too. We bought some.

(CLICK HERE to listen to the reasons an internationally renown Light Therapist, Dr. Sylvia Passfield, endorsed Pure-Light)

If these bulbs were just replacement light bulbs, they would be great:

* They produce full-spectrum light
* Run on only 8.7 watts of power (equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent bulb)
* Are cool to the touch
* Have a 5 year warranty
* 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee


But they're NOT just replacement light bulbs.


They are AIR PURIFIERS that shine!

Currently the company only ships to USA and Canada.

The first bulbs to come out were non-dimmable and run on just 8.7 watts of power (with equivalent lumens to a 75 watt bulb), and have a 5 year warranty and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

They are great for:

* Musty, stale rooms like storage rooms or attics

* People with respiratory conditions

* Commercial locations where there typically is air pollution

* Rooms prone to having odors,  like bathrooms

* Public places where germs can spread: schools, daycare, hospitals, doctor’s offices

We also recommend them for traveling. They are small and lightweight and very sturdy (you can bounce them and they won’t break).  


After installing the bulbs in our house, it didn’t take long for us to feel a positive difference in the air quality.  Where else can you spend $25.00 for a product utilizing Super-Oxygen Technology that discourages the microbial & fungal growth, such as of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and more, dissolves pollen and other allergens, destroys odors and smoke, breaks down harmful pollutants, AND that will also last 5 years maintenance free?  

About Pure-Light - CEO Roger Young
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Through the photocatalytic properties of Titanium Dioxide that has been known for many years, it wasn't until NASA helped develop it for use on the International Space Station as an air purification system that it became somewhat viable, though expensive.  Pure-Light Technologies has taken the NASA technology and improved upon it in several ways, and in the process reduced its cost to consumers.

The unique action of the PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES light bulb is that it uses light in a photocatalytic action to continuously create two special types of super oxygen molecules called Superoxide (0-2) and Hydroxyl ion radical (HO) that kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and also break down toxic VOC pollutants. The air that we breathe is full of these bacteria, viruses, mold, toxic pollutants (called VOC--Volatile Organic Compounds like Carbon Monoxide, Benzine, Formaldahyde...)  especially in enclosed areas like hospitals, schools, businesses, and homes looking for a place to land and grow.  As air comes near the PURE-LIGHT coated light bulbs it gets cleansed of these bacteria, viruses, mold, and pollutants. The air also gets deodorized as well.  There is also a secondary PURE-LIGHT effect on the surfaces of items near the light bulb, such as kitchen/bathroom counters, dishes, stoves, cutting boards, door knobs, etc.

The unique photocatalytic phenomenon or action was discovered in 1968.

The well-known PHOTOCATALYTIC ACTION of TiO2 is such that when light hits it, it produces a special type of excited electron. This excited electron, when it comes into contact with a water molecule, changes the water molecule (H20) into a couple of types of special super oxygen molecules called SUPEROXIDE (O-2) and HYDROXYL ION (HO). These two super oxygen molecules provide a triple "action"... two actions against viruses and bacterias, and another "action" against VOCs.

SUPEROXIDE (O-2), or super oxygen (also called hyperoxide), is actually produced in the human body in large quantities by Phagocytes (White blood cells) and is used by the immune system to kill invading microorganisms.

Superoxide (O-2) inside the body, or in the air, combines with a microorganism giving it essentially a boost of oxygen. Good cells thrive with the extra oxygen while viruses and bacteria are killed by the extra oxygen.

Superoxides are also used in firefighters' oxygen tanks and divers rebreather systems in order to provide a readily available source of oxygen.

The HYDROXYL ION radical (HO) is often referred to as the "detergent" of the atmosphere because it reacts with many pollutants called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), often acting as the first step to their removal.

Hydroxyl radicals also attack the porous cell walls of bacteria and viruses which destroys them through the process known as cell lysing. Human, animal and plant cells are “designed” to be in the sunlight and have cell walls that are less porous and are not harmed by atmospheric hydroxyl radicals.

Here's a 3-minute TED Talk video explaining the science behind using Titanium Dioxide for naturally removing air pollution


Though the properties of TiO2 are well documented, there have been problems in the past with applications:

The first problem is that the photocatalytic process of TiO2 works well with sunlight or high power UV lights but not with ordinary light. PURE-LIGHT overcomes this by using a newly developed proprietary enhanced TiO2 formulation (Z-TiO2) that works extremely well with ordinary light. PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES has the exclusive rights to use this new formulation on light bulbs.

The second problem is getting the TiO2 to "stick" to a surface longer than a few weeks or months. That is why other companies have tried to do it, but it has not worked very well for them. PURE-LIGHT has developed a new patent pending process that can "seal" the TiO2 to the surface of a light for up to 10 years. Since PURE-LIGHT developed it, no one else has it.


Here is one study using this technology with Barley Sprouts and mold; conducted by Sustainable Lighting Solutions Christopher Rakowitz & Ken Chio, November 2017.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effectiveness of the Pure‐Light coating using photocatalytic activation specifically to control mold and yeast on barley sprouts.

Conclusion:  Pure-Light not only dramatically reduced the heavily introduced mold, but doubled the growth of the Barley sprouts.  "The photocatalytic technique appears to be a versatile and efficient disinfection process capable of inactivating a wide range of harmful microorganisms in various media. It is a safe, nontoxic, and relatively inexpensive disinfection method whose adaptability allows it to be used for many purposes.   Mold levels are very significantly reduced under very difficult conditions not normally seen in horticulture. Typical conditions would not promote mold before and during a cultivation period and therefore would never reach levels of mold found in our testing. Under normal conditions, it would be expected from our test results that mold levels would very easily be controlled by use of the Pure‐Light coating."

Click here for more about the science and the studies.

My husband Tim took the bulb to his appointment with our chiropractor to have him test it with his sophisticated form of applied kinesiology (muscle testing).  We found our chiropractor to be quite accurate with his muscle testing from going to him for tune ups for several years.  Tim turned on the light at the beginning of his appointment so they could experience any differences they might perceive with it on.  Our chiropractor had never heard of or seen the product before so he had no opinion about it.  In other words he was coming from a non-biased perspective.  Here are the questions we asked him along with his answers:

Q.  Do the light bulbs do as they say?  (PLT says it takes 45 minutes for them to start purifying the air)
A. Yes, they do as the manufacturer says.  They start purifying the air immediately. It takes about 45 minutes for the bulb to fully cleanse a room.  They also provide more oxygen.  

Q.  Will they lose their effectiveness over time, or remain strong for the full warranty period?
A.  They will start losing their effectiveness at about 13 years.  (Note:  This is longer than the warranty period)

Q.  What is the size area they purify, or radius from bulb?  (Note, the manufacturer says about 8 feet)
A.  35 feet radius.

Q.  Is there anything detrimental from the LED frequency?  
A.  No.

Q.  Are they truly full spectrum as they say?
A. Yes.

Q.  Is there any toxic outgassing from the bulb?
A.  No.

Q.  Do they provide healthful negative ions?
A.  Yes, though minimal compared to a Himalayan salt lamp.

We encourage you to use your own method of applied kinesiology / muscle testing to verify everything that our chiropractor said above.  Our chiropractor and Tim could also both perceive the improvement in the air quality with the light bulb on. Needless to say, our chiropractor was very impressed and has joined the Buyers Club as a Gold Member.  

We also have a friend who has been using the bulbs since November.  His granddaughter was cooking bacon and normally the smell of bacon would fill the house and linger for a couple hours.  But with the light bulb nearby he reported that the bacon smell was completely eliminated within about 15 minutes. Not surprised given what they say they do.


For more info on the company, technology and products, click on the link below to listen to CEO/inventor Roger Young introducing the Pure-Light Technology:


                      Click here to listen to (or download) an intro call with Founder and CEO Roger Young

If you'd like to purchase these bulbs, visit our store by clicking here. They come with a 30-day money back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Best regards,

Victoria (and Tim)



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