Step by Step Instructions

These step by step instructions will guide you through joining the Buyers Club as a Gold Club Member for free with the purchase of the 12 pack of non-dimmable full spectrum LED air purifying light bulbs at wholesale pricing (9 watts, equivalent lumens of a 60 watt bulb, 5-year warranty).  

Scroll down to see the instructions below.


Go to and proceed to STEP 2). 


On the PURE-LIGHT website, click on the green ' Join Buyers Club ' button. This will take you to the next page.


Click on the ' GOLD CLUB MEMBER ' button. This will take you to the next page.


Type ' timwhite ' in the textbox as shown. Then click on the ' Verify Sponsor ' button to proceed to the next page.


  1. Pick a username (something like timwhite, as in

  2. Pick a password with the following requirements – 8 to 15 characters, including a Capital letter, a Number, and a Special Character. DO NOT use #, ?, %, or & as the special character.

  3. Click on the checkbox to confirm that you agree to the terms of the PLT Buyers Club agreement.

  4. Enter the text you see into the Verification text box, as directed.  In the screenshot you can see it is 'smulas'.

  5. Then click on the ' CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP ' button to go to the next page. 


Simply click the ' Continue ' button to get to the next page.


  1. Make sure there is '1' in the box for membership fee (the $50 membership fee will be subtracted back out, in red, as you see below).  

  2. Select any combination of product totaling $140 or more. In the example below, 1 box of 12 A12 Dimmable bulbs and 3 Candelabra bulbs were chosen.

  3. Shipping for this example was $13, and you see the ClubGold promotion where the $50 fee was subtracted out.

  4. Then click on the ' Continue Secure Checkout >> ' button.     



NOTE: Leave the box that says ' Sponsor ID ' blank; and DO NOT click on ' Verify Sponsor '.

  1. Fill in your Billing and Shipping Info.

  2. Then click on the drop-down menu that says ' How did you hear about us ', and select ' Friend '.

  3. Then click on the 'Continue Secure Checkout >> ' button.


This is a continuation of the previous steps, and is where you enter in your card details (VISA, Mastercard or Discover), or you can click on the drop-down for ' Method ' and choose Paypal. Then click on ' Continue Secure Checkout >> ' button.

STEP 10  

This is simply a verification page for you to double check that all the info you put in is correct.


After you have reviewed it, click on any boxes stating you agree to the shipping policies, then click on the ' Submit your Order ' button (CLICK ON IT ONLY ONCE).  You will get a welcome email of your sign up and receipt. 

After you have signed up, you will see that you have your own website for making future purchases and to share with others if you choose.  Your website will look something like this  www.<the username you set up>   (like  This website will be active immediately following sign up. 

This website is absolutely free to you, and updated as the company adds more product.  This is an exclusive benefit to you from signing up with us.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call Victoria and Tim White at (520) 325-3400, or email us at

We encourage you to log into your back office to familiarize yourself with what is available there. Your Pure-Light website URL for login will be This is where you will be able to purchase additional products at wholesale as well as see your orders, referrals, commissions, etc.

IMPORTANT: After you sign up, we advise that you go to your Profile and update the CASH REWARDS INFORMATION section. This information must be filled out before you can receive any Cash Rewards, as Cash Rewards are paid by direct deposit.


This includes your Tax ID # (Social Security, or EIN #), Your Bank name, Routing number and Bank Account number. To do this, go to your Pure-Light website ( , then click on ‘ Member Login ’ as shown below in the screenshot.

Then you will see the page below. Simply click on ' Profile ' and you will be able to add your banking info as well as change your Username and Password. And under the BUSINESS INFORMATION section, you can change the information you would like posted on your Pure-Light website, such as your E-mail, Phone #, Name, etc.

If you have any questions,  call Tim and Victoria White at (520) 325-3400 .


The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  All testimonials are the opinions of the users, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pure-Light Technologies.               (520) 325-3400

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